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Be Unique. Be Kind.

In a world filled with division and conflict, we aim to unite our inherent human nature by offering positive stories with examples of how to be unique and kind. We are a virtual community based on shared values, representing a simple guiding philosophy about how to live a joyous and fulfilled life. All are welcome to contribute and share ideas with an open mind, loving attitude, and curiosity for giving and learning.

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We appreciate your participation with voting on your favorite story each month. We strive to provide inspiring content and positive news to reassure hope for humanity – that there are those who care and wish to make the world a better place through unique and kind gestures.

What stories warm your heart and make you smile?

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By embracing your uniqueness, we encourage you to contribute a brief story of your individual style and approach to life, as well as share ways you choose to express compassion and care with others. We’d love to hear about your acts of kindness with strangers, family, friends, elderly folk, children or animals. What have you done lately to help or inspire someone else?

We love to reward those who spread love and kindness in the world. It only takes a few moments to write up a 150 word story to submit for your chance to win $100. Please send us an email with your first name and last initial so we can post on this site for others to vote on. Feel free to include a photo or video about your experience!